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Timer Ovo Cozido Resina não tóxica

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Brand Name: other

Type: Timers


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Cooked Egg Timer At Right Point Egg Mollet Non-toxic Resin Egg Timer Gourmet Kitchen

To use it, just put it next to the eggs that will be cooked. When the water begins to boil, the color of the center of the timer will begin to decrease, passing through the marked points: soft, medium and hard. These points indicate the stage of cooking the eggs, that is, you just choose which point your egg and turn off the fire when the color timer passes through it. Because it is in non-toxic resin, the timer quietly withstands high temperatures and is extremely easy to clean and store. Finally, the egg timer is an indispensable item for your kitchen, ensuring the right cooking!

Product Features:

  • Material: Non-toxic resin;

  • The material quietly withstands high temperatures;

  • Stages of cooking eggs: soft, medium and hard;

  • Indicator of precise and intuitive cooking;

  • Easy orientation;

  • Easy to clean;

  • Totally non-stick material;

  • Cook eggs in a quick and practical way;

  • Compact and easy to store in small spaces;

  • The indicator timer for eggs works in a very simple way;

  • Innovative and modern design;


  • Dimensions: 5.5x4 cm;

  • Material: Resin.

Package Contains:

01 Egg Timer.

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